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airport taxi transportation from cancun to tulumThe Tulum beach is all general public, there isn’t any private beach in the area, however sometimes access is blocked with a hotel or perhaps a residential property. All the small cabanas in Tulum don not mind if you nip through to access the beach though, particularly if you stop for one thing to eat or take in.

For the greater amount of adventurous person you can find beaches around Tulum that can be accessed through the jungle and you’ll get entirely alone, nonetheless i will suggest you that in the event that you don perhaps not know the area that you ought to stay on the beaches by the cabanas, they’re never busy like in Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

Tulum is just the gem for the Mayan Riviera corridor. It’s a diver haven Subterranean rivers unite from all around the Yucatan Peninsula while the Riviera Maya of Mexico. Tulum is divided into three primary areas: Tulum Town, Tulum Hotel Zone plus the Tulum Archaeological that is magical website. The Town is settled during the edges regarding the 307 highway, where commercial and activities that are social spot. Its 130km/80 kilometers from Cancún.

Tulum’s magic begins in its splendid sites that are archeological. It’s the most widely used of Mexico’s Mayan sites, and for several reasons. Tulum is surrounded by three walls along with the ocean forming the fourth boundary the town had been made to be defensive. Tulum is one of the most visited of all of the Mayan ruins, also it’s the only real major Mayan ruin to be located along Mexico’s Caribbean coastline regarding the «Riviera Maya». Tulum is without question the absolute most exquisite site that is ancient the Maya world and considered to be the most breathtaking Mayan archaeological websites. Tulum is by no means the biggest, but its location functions as a striking backdrop to its history.

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It is possible to nevertheless see stays associated with masked sculptures carved to the castle. The doorway towards the temple has columns by means of rattlesnakes, aided by the tails supporting the roof and their heads adjoining the floor.

The ground degree has two little temples, they are where offerings would have been placed to the Mayan god Kukulcan on the webpage’s point that is highest. Kukulcan ended up being the wind god, also called the feathered serpent god.

Some theories say Mayan people believed Kukulcan would 1 day return through the east to mark the beginning of a brand new and prosperous age. With Tulum’s location as far east on the Yucatan mainland as you can this would be described as a great lofty spot to keep a watchful attention for the royal return.

On two of this fortress’ corners you can find towers that served as temples, called El Torreón. Archaeologists don’t believe that the towers played a roll of defence within the city and, just by the change along the wall that is back this building probably served being a destination for sacrificial offerings.

Templo del Dios Descendente (Temple of the Descending Jesus) — the most stunning temples in Tulum. Tulum has scripts and drawings concerning the god that is descending lots of its ruins and they may also be seen in the ruins during the ruins of Coba, positioned around 30 miles (50km) to the west.

The temple gets its name from the sculpture found there that represents a Jesus in individual form using a headdress, descending from the heavens, holding an object of some type.